Story of Plantation

Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are the world's largest producer of palm oil and rubber. These three countries produce about 70-80 per cent of the global natural rubber and palm oil supply. Due to the increasing market demand, tools with higher quality have to be produced to achieve the needs of consumers as well as to make the whole harvesting process more efficient and relaxing.

Our company's brand "JAYA MATA" is created based on the belief that "quality creates brand". In order to make sure all "JAYA MATA" products are with best quality, we continually develop and improve our products. Our prospect is to make "JAYA MATA" products to be consumers first choice in the market, meanwhile building up the brand awareness among consumers. We wish that "JAYA MATA" will become the "common noun" of all the tools in the near future.

Our goal is to make our brand "JAYA MATA" a unified brand to assist the consumers to distinguish the quality of different plantation tools. As there are many different similar appear in the market which making the consumers confused; therefore, there is a need for a highly recognized brand "JAYA MATA" to avoid consumers from purchasing products with low quality.

We promise that all our products are with high quality. We don't afraid of making commitment since we are confident of our products.